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Hear the People

Sherrif, my name is Mark Schuster,a 59 year old white male in Green Lake County, WI. I saw you on FNF this morning. Please run for POTUS! This country needs an honest,strong leader who would unite this country. The current POTUS has done more to devide this country politically and with race than anyone since the Civil War. Everything the current POTUS AND THE AG,only do things that are politically good for him. We need someone like you!

Sheriff Clarke ~

I saw the video of your speech at the Indianapolis NRA Convention. I just want to tell you how proud I am of your stand, but moreso, the public recording of it. You renew my faith in law enforcement personnel by expressing your views and not backing down from them. I am a true Southerner, Tennessee, and am proud that we have like~minded people up North. The Constitution is not a toy to be played with. I only wish we had more men like you around the country. I tip my hat to you. I am a law~abiding citizen with a Carry Permit. I have had to pull my gun on 8 occasions and, luckily, the thugs developed a much higher IQ in just a few seconds time.  Taking another human life would not be in my character, but defending good over evil is well within my character. Please, keep doing the job you are, taking the stand you take, and never be afraid to speak the truth. May God be with you, Sir!

Respectfully ~

Sheriff Clarke, I just wanted to tell you that I recently read the editorial piece that was done on you in the NRA's Freedom Magazine and that I was absolutely inspired by your belief in the Second Amendment and your staunch advocacy of the law abiding American public as an ally of the Uniformed Services. As a person with experience in serving the American public, I know the traits of good leaders and great leaders. Your stand, and your integrity are hallmark traits of a great leader. I am only sorry that I can not vote for you as I am not a resident of your county or state. Best of luck to you and thank you for your inspiration to me.

Bradley S.

Father Robert Wild Marquette University President letter to Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. on the positive working relationship of Marquette's Department of Public Safety and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. Click Here to read the complete letter.

Sheriff Clarke,

"Just saw you on Becks show with Dana. I must say you prove that its the content of the person's character not the color of the skin."

God bless you sir!

Dear Sheriff Clarke,

"I don't live in Milwaukee or Wisconsin, but after seeing your speech at the NRA-ILA Conference in Indianapolis on YouTube,  I just felt that I needed to write and express my sincere thanks as an American for the way you're standing up for the 2nd Amendment, not to mention the many years you've devoted your life to law enforcement, putting your own life on the line to protect others from harm."

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Brooke

Sheriff, Clarke,

"I suspect you get swamped with email, but I just wanted to say that hearing your speech at the NRA-ILA forum was awesome and I can't ever thank you enough for service, selflessness, and sacrifice. I just retired after 33 years in the USAF and while I was defending the Constitution it would seem the enemy within our borders is doing everything possible to erode our rights. Sir, I thank you and applaud you. Shari and I will keep you and your family in our prayers and I hope if you are ever in the Fort Worth, TX area, you know you have a friend here who would be honored to meet you and you are always welcome in my home. God bless you and thank you."


"Political and Judicial corruption at it finest in the 46TH Judicial Circuit and District where I live. I am a paralegal now that I am medically retired fron the US Army and I am disgusted with the people, community, professionals, & more importantly our elected officials. The is no equality here, therefore there will never be unity."

"Please keep setting the example. People like you are what makes me HONORED & PROUD to PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE. Thank you Sheriff!!!!"


Sheriff David Clarke Jr.,

"I have been doing law enforcement since 1989. I was in Killington, VT for 24 years, Rutland County (VT) Sheriff's Department for 1 1/2 years, and am now with the Pittsford PD (VT). I also had 27 years of military service between the USMC, USMC Reserve, National Guard, and Third Army retiring in '06 as a First Sergeant. I have been an NRA life member since I was 15 years old in 1973.

I saw you on Fox news. You have my greatest respect. It is great to see that you support the 2nd Amendment. I would work for you any day. Keep up the good work Sir."

Thank you,
Scott from Vermont

Dear Sheriff Clark,

"I recently heard you speak on Foxnews and am in agreement with your stance on the 2nd Amendment. ( I am also a registered democrat)  Please keep up the good work!!  Hopefully there are more people like you who can help spread the message to fellow democrats and law abiding citizens."

Thank you again,
An Arizona Fan

2014 NRA Annual Meetings Video Comments

"Great speech and you should be running for a higher office. Just make sure someone like you replaces you. You are a great American."

Thank you,

"Sheriff Clarke, My name is Robert Keleman. I just saw the end of your speech at the NRA-ILA and I am extremely proud to call you my fellow American Patriot.We need more law enforcement and Military standing up and supporting our second amendment. What scares me the most are officers and soldiers blindly following orders that leads to the second amendment being broken. Even worse leading to violent actions by a nervous citizen or officer or soldier. Thank you so much for all your support. God Bless and take care of yourself and your love ones around you because isn't that what it's really all about."


" Listened to Sheriff Clarke's NRA speech today. Thank you for standing up for America and the 2nd Amendment. May God continue to bless you."


"Sheriff David Clarke Jr. thank you for your speech at the NRA Convention! You truly one of the few good officers left out there who seek to promote our civil liberties, not erode them! Thank you for keeping up the fight with us (the average patriot). I say patriot, not citizen because citizen encompasses those nationalists and leftists who blindly follow the erosion of our civil liberties and bigge...r government. Patriots like you and me are TRUE Americans. Patriots who seek to promote liberty against any form of Tyranny, both abroad and especially domestic. Just as you have taken the oath to defend and protect the Constitution, i feel so has EVERY citizen of this country simply by being an American. unfortunately, only we Patriots understand that. Keep fighting the good fight sir, we as a country of law abiding citizens and ardent Patriots salute you."

Thank you for your service and continued service!

"This message comes to you from Palm Coast Florida. I am proud to have witnessed the NRA proclamation by Sheriff David A Clarke. To have a man of law speak so eloquently about our inalienable rights to bare arms to protect ourselves, gave me hope that one day we will return to a nation of freedom and consequences. Freedom from threats and aggression and consequences for those who defy our freedom."

Thank you,

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Awards & Achievements

2002 – Appointed Milwaukee Sheriff by Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum

2003 – Concordia University Wisconsin, Alumnus of the Year Award

2004 – Completed Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

2004 – Executive Development Program of the National Sheriff’s Institute participant

2005 – Completed Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

2005 – Nominated to the FBI’s 28th Annual National Executive Institute

2009 – Studied with Police Chief William Bratton and L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca

2009Americanism Award from the Milwaukee County War Memorial Veterans Board of Directors, in “appreciation for his version of law and order.”

2011 – Fulfilled a law enforcement executive training mission sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation

2013 – Sheriff of the Year Award from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for, “Demonstrating true leadership and courage…staying true to his oath, true to his badge, and true to the people he has promised to serve and protect.”

2013 – The High Noon Award, presented by Gun Owners of America


Member of:

American Jail Association

International Association of Chiefs of Police

Major County Sheriffs’ Association

Badger State Sheriff’s Association

Milwaukee County Law Enforcement Executives Association

Legal Affairs Committee of National Sheriffs’ Association


Served on the Board of:

Three Harbors Council Boy Scouts of America

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee,

Milwaukee Tennis & Education Foundation

American Red Cross in Southeastern Wisconsin


Get to know...

My greatest achievement is:  Being named Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, Sheriff Of The Year for 2013 by my colleagues.

My favorite book is: My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir.  The book spans the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from childhood in the Deep South being raised by his grandfather to his nomination as the second black justice to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court

My favorite TV show is: South Park, love its political incorrectness.

My favorite movie is: War Horse

My favorite childhood memory is: Going with my dad to watch him skydive

The person I most admire is:  My Dad, David A. Clarke Sr.

Three words people use to describe me are: Confident, Consistent, Straightforward

The worst job I had as a teenager: I was raised to believe that no job is bad

The food I like best is:  Italian especially cream sauce dishes

My favorite hobby is:  Reading for knowledge

My goals for the year are:  To be better at what I do today than I was yesterday…continually pursuing excellence

My favorite music group is: Country singer George Strait

My pet: Two of them, my Rottweiler Zoo-kess and my horse Ranger.

My favorite vacation place: Ixtapa, Mexico